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Cahills & Eleanor D Shelf Sitter

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Cahill's Fish Market with Eleanor D is one of Lake Ontario's oldest family-owned fishing businesses.  Using the Eleanor D fishing boat, the Cahill family fished Lake Ontario waters for Trout, Whitefish, Perch, Bass, Chubs, and Sturgeon along with American Eels. The catch was sold directly to the public from the family's historic 19th Century building.  Known locally as the Cahill's building, it was built as a retail space in the 1930s, providing shipping businesses with the provisions necessary to make their journeys across Lake Ontario.  The fishing boat Eleanor D was built on Lake Erie in 1948 from surplus World War II scrap metal.  Purchased by the Cahill family in 1958, she was used as a commercial fishing vessel for 20 years.
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